Health Maintenance Planning is a new service created by certified natural health consultant Charity Berry along with her husband Scott.

 After years of consulting and sharing healthy solutions on social media, the Berry's were frustrated that no one seemed to be looking for big solutions, only quick fixes and magic pills.

    Decades of research have led the Berry's to one major life changing conclusion; Under the right conditions, the human body should perform flawlessly for life. We should expect perfect health, we should be alarmed at any condition that does not reflect perfect health.

    Unfortunately, our society has accepted a different narrative. No one seems to know what the "right conditions" looks like, so many people eat a toxic diet that makes them sick. Because we all expect to become sick eventually, we are disappointed but not surprised when we get the diagnosis of illness or disease.

    Scott and Charity Berry have gathered the scientific research that will prove to you that you should expect perfect health. Very few inherited conditions can survive a perfect diet. All that most people need is a true understanding of the perfect diet and the chemistry behind it.

    Realizing that "expecting perfect health" was a major paradigm shift for most people, the Berry’s created the 8 step process they called "The Cheat Code”.

    While we all have the same biological systems, we also all have different family history’s and personal experiences. This led the Berry’s to create Health maintenance planning, the 8 step program that any one can follow and get fantastic results, tailored specifically to your history, your present condition and your future goals.

Learn to expect perfect health. Expect your habits to give you great results. Get rid of prescriptions (with your Doctor’s help)

Information and introduction to Health Maintenance Planning

Frequently asked questions about Health Maintenance Planning.

1.What is health maintenance planning?

2.Why do I want it?

3.Why do I need it?

4.How does it work?

5.Does this involve dieting?

6.Can I do it myself?

7.What does it cost?

1. What is health maintenance planning?

Health maintenance planning is about taking a little time and thinking about where you want to be health wise in the next year, five years, ten years etc. It is not about preparing for the bad things that might happen, it is about planning for the best possible outcome.

    Health maintenance planning is about learning and truly understanding what part of the health equation you actually control. After understanding what parts you control, you can make a plan to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to create the healthy outcome you desire.

    For some people, health maintenance planning means meeting with an experienced consultant and developing a personalized plan for you to follow. A plan with a goal of optimal health.

2. Why would you want health maintenance planning?

The world we live in today is filled with millions of wonderful choices, many more than our parents, grandparents or distant ancestors had. Many of these choices can greatly effect our long term health and our risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

    To journey through life with out a plan and to just “hope for the best” can lead to disastrous results.

    If we’re being honest we can all agree that the choices we make regarding diet, habits and health will come back to haunt us as we age.

    Starting today you can develop a plan to navigate upcoming choices and create the future results that you desire.

3. Why do you need health maintenance planning?

 If you have ever been sick before, have ever struggled with your weight, or are currently taking meds to deal with chronic conditions, your daily habits have been letting you down.

    For most of us, when we try to change our daily habits, we see temporary results and then ultimately revert back to our default (unhealthy) behavior or habits. It is our life long habits which become our default program that haunt us. Relentlessly!

    The goal of health maintenance planning is to reprogram your default habits. This takes time. This also takes a well thought out plan that addresses the psychology of how we create habits and how we alter them.

    Ultimately you want to create a set of default habits that steers you toward consistent healthy choices and leads to healthy results. Even if you get off track occasionally, your default mode will bring you right back to optimal health.

4. How does a health maintenance plan work?

 You start by identifying the good, the bad and the ugly parts of your diet and life style. Then you put a plan together that addresses some of the problem areas that need work. After you have a plan you begin an easy to follow 8 step process that will immediately start affecting your daily choices, the first step in re-designing habits.

    The first step to changing anything is to take in new information. You will start with information regarding what nutrients your biological systems need to thrive. As you progress, you will not deny yourself the foods that you really want. Instead, you will focus on making sure that you are getting what you need. So, in the beginning you don’t take away from your diet, you add to it.

    As you increase the amounts of nutrient dense super foods that you consume, you will naturally eat less and less nutrient lacking foods.

    By following the 8 step process you will also learn more about when to eat, when not to eat, what kind of exercise to focus on and how to supplement for illness and healing.

    The 8 steps are repeated over and over, increasing the good and decreasing the bad. After a while you will become an expert at knowing what your body needs every day and avoiding what is harmful. At some point you will realize that your default daily routine is nearly flawlessly clean. You are well on your way to permanent change.

    A health maintenance consultant can help you design your plan, understand and follow the 8 steps and answer your questions as they arise.

    A health maintenance consultant can also act as your coach, instructor and mentor so you wont have to do it all on your own.


5.Does Health maintenance involve dieting?

 Yes, for most people health maintenance does involve changing their diets, but unlike “going on a diet”, this is more like becoming a dietary expert. As you learn more and more about the chemistry of food and how the body utilizes nutrients the more your diet choices will start to improve.

    Most diets work for a while and then most diets fail because they never address the most important issue, food addiction. We temporarily deny ourselves what we “want” and we lose weight. After a while we go back to what we “want” and gain the weight back along with all the other repercussions of an unhealthy lifestyle.

    In order to create a healthy future your health maintenance plan must include an understanding of food addiction and the chemistry behind it.

    Your health maintenance plan will lead you to a default diet that consistently interrupts the food addiction cycle. The exciting news is that the diet that is best for fighting food addiction is also the anti-cancer diet and the anti-diabetes diet, the anti-dementia diet, the heart healthy diet and also the longevity diet!

6. Can I do my own health maintenance plan?

Yes you absolutely can and having any plan is better than having no plan at all.

    Whenever we choose to hire the services of an expert or professional it is because we wish to capitalize on their experience. Whether it be a carpenter, an auto mechanic, an attorney or a financial planner, it is the experience that they bring to the table that we value. What we hope and expect is that by hiring an expert we will save time and get better results than if we did the job ourselves.

    Your health maintenance planning consultant has more experience than you in the study of diet, nutrition, exercise and health maintenance planning. They will save you time and you will get better results.

7. What does health maintenance planning cost?

 Compared with the cost of doing nothing, health maintenance planning is quite affordable.

    Most people start with a personalized meeting with a health maintenance planner. At this meeting,(usually in your home, plan on 2 hours) your consultant will ask you many questions to help pinpoint exactly where you are in your journey toward optimal health. This is your starting point.

    At this same meeting, your consultant will create a comprehensive plan for you to follow and use as a guide. Remember this is not a rigid ideology that you must adhere to, this is an educational process that will help you develop healthier and healthier habits over time.

    Once your health maintenance plan is complete, your meeting will be over and you will have every thing you need to move forward on your own. This one time consultation cost $150.

    Many people will increase their grocery budget to allow for better quality choices. Often times people will join a gym or invest in a home gym. Some people will start buying dietary supplements and healthier alternatives to toxic meds.

    These all seem like small investments when the payoff of better health and longer life is so high.

    While many people choose to go it alone others decide to enlist the help of a coach, trainer or mentor. These cost can very from $200 per month for a coaching/mentoring program to $500 for a full day one on one training session including detoxifying your pantry and a grocery store field trip.

Health Maintenance Planning Services

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    Health Maintenance Planning Consultation
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    Full day one on one training
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    12 Month training, coaching and mentoring program (Billed Monthly)
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